Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely! Our services are not limited to just homes. Need some camera monitoring of your business? We can do that. Want lights to come on automatically for your clients? We can do that too. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Yes! Truth be told, our automation experience began with a now 150 year old house. Solutions were needed because the house had very few light switches, which led to the implementation of motion sensors controlling lights. Some additional wiring might be involved with such a project, but we can handle that as well.

Yes! Even if we do not have prior experience with your setup, we can figure most things out and provide solutions that work for you.

There are a lot of devices out there that communicate in several ways. WiFi is currently the most common, but it has limitations as popularity of use grows. One of the biggest limitations is the number of devices a router can handle and necessity of internet connection. Z-Wave is a great local alternative to WiFi, as it does not need an internet connection to communicate with connected devices. Z-Wave will require a hub to provide communication between devices and a control system such as Alexa or Google Home.

In our experience, Z-Wave has been the preferred device network. Z-Wave does not require internet for device communication, but does require a hub and a control system, such as HomeSeer, Alexa or Google Home.

WiFi usually requires an internet connection to the "cloud" to interpret device commands and status messages. The advantage to WiFi is ease of setup and number of currently manufactured and supported smart devices. WiFi does require a robust router to allow for the number of devices that might be connected to your system.