About My Indy Smart Home

About Us

My Indy Smart Home is a new tech service company serving Indianapolis and central Indiana. Although we are a new company, we do have 18+ years of experience in working with home automation through the owner, Scott.

Our Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple... We are not satisfied until YOU are! We will always strive to provide you with the best possible solutions and service to fit your needs. If it's not right for you, we will work with you until it IS right for you, plain and simple. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Service is key!

We will arrive at your residence or place of business as scheduled and in a professional manner. It all starts with consultation, where your wants and needs will be addessed, then a plan and estimate will be designed to fit your particular needs and budget.

We are there when you need us

What would a service company be without support? Well, useless. So as part of our model, we include full support of any work that we do for you. We can even setup your system to notify us if there is any issue, or you can just simply call us and we will address your issues in a timely manner.

It all started with a "bright" idea:

Almost 20 years ago. in order to lower energy costs in his home, Scott started putting together a "follow me" lighting system. This simple (at the time) system used motion sensors and simple outlet switches, to turn on and off lights in different rooms of his house.

Addition & Integration Part 1:

After some time, Scott decided it would be a good idea to have some kind of control interface and started looking for some control software to run on a computer, that software was HomeSeer and it allowed him to create a touchscreen controller for his system.

Addition & Integration Part 2:

A bit more time went by and Scott started adding additional devices and functionality to his systems. Scott had now added speech recognition and voice alerts to the system and gained a whole new level of control over his environment. He could now turn on and off the TV and stereo with just one voice command (this was years before the introduction of Alexa or Google Home).

More Control Options:

Scott had been using a now defunct technology known as X-10, but needed a better way for device communication. Along came Z-Wave! What Z-Wave offered was not only a great way to communicate between devices, but also had the advantage that each device that wasn't battery powered, could act as a signal repeater, thus, the more devices you had, the better your communication network became. This is similar to today's WiFi Mesh networks.

Along came Alexa:

Although voice control had already been a part of his system, Scott decided that he needed to incorporate Alexa into the system and broaden the level of control even further. This also included media control and whole-house audio.


A little bit about the current smart home that Scott has put together. It features all automatic lighting, full HVAC control, ceiling fan control, security monitoring and alerts through voice, the house knows when he is home and when he is not, and sets lights and other devices accordingly. The house can even tell where Scott is through the use of Geotracking through the HomeSeer software.

Why any of this matters:

It started as a hobby, then became an obsession. This obsession has now blossomed into a service-based business concept to put Scott's knowledge and experience to use in order to benefit others. Scott has learned a lot in the last 18 or so years about what TO do and what NOT to do as far as home automation technologies and techniques. Along the way, through trial-and-error, he has developed some rather inventive ways to get things done with minimal cost. Remember, this all started as a method to make things more efficient, and your system doesn't need to be as robust, unless you want it to be... and more!