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Home Automation
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Smart Homes!

Simply put, a “Smart Home” is any home that has devices that can be controlled by an automated system. Automated systems might include Alexa, Google Home, HomeSeer, SmartThings, Vera, and many more. Devices can range from simple plug-in outlets, to multi-device wall switches and touchscreen controllers.

There are many reasons for making your home smart. The primary reason for most people is efficiency. Smart Home systems can control your thermostats, ceiling fans, lighting and other appliances for maximum efficiency based on all kinds conditions.

The number of home products that are now "smart", are increasing daily. The most common devices are outlets and in-wall light switches, but it goes way beyond that. You can also have control of things like Camera systems, Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators, Stoves/Ranges, Coffee Makers, Water valves, Heating & Air, ev en Garage Door Openers!

The short answer is YES! The efficiency gained in turning off unused lights and applicances can save big on your power use. While smart devicers are actually using a little power all of the time, the power they use is insignificant compared to the lights and applicances they control.